Passenger Svc.

Pan Pacific Airlines offers a variety of services to help passengers who are in need of safer and more comfortable travel arrangements.

Passengers with Special Needs

Passenger’s safety and wellbeing are of paramount important to us.
As such, we will only accept pregnant women who are less than 34 weeks into their pregnancy. They will be required to submit medical certificate/clearance confirming the estimated week of pregnancy and expected date of delivery or complete a MEDIF (medical information) signed by their physician. The certificate shall be dated within seven (7) days of the initial outbound travel date.
Likewise, passengers will also be asked to sign waiver at the time of check-in to absolve Pan Pacific Airlines against any liabilities arising there from.
The airline is not responsible for any liability if pregnant passengers fail to inform the airline of their pregnancy in advance or if they are refused boarding due to incomplete documents. If there is possibility of complications related to abortion or premature birth, boarding may be refused for the passenger’s and aircraft’s safety regardless of the period of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Period
(Based on Boarding Date)
Allowed to Travel Required Documents
27 weeks and below Permitted Fill out a special handling form (age of gestation)
28 to 34 weeks of pregnancy Permitted An original English copy of a medical certificate dated within 7 days of the initial outbound travel date, stating passenger (EM – Expectant mother) is fit to travel.
Passenger will be asked to fill up a special handling form (age of gestation).
Beyond 34 weeks Not permitted Will not be allowed to board the aircraft

Passengers with Infant

Infant and child can be accommodated on the flight provided that they travel with adult passenger.
The child’s age at the date of departure for each flight on our journey determines whether or not they are eligible for an infant or child fare.
- Infant Fare: From 15 days until 2nd birthday
- Child Fare: From 2 to 11 years
- Adult Fare: From 12 years and older

Wheelchair Passengers

Complimentary wheelchair service is available for passengers with limited mobility due to illness, injury or old age at the airport.
However, the service should be requested at least 48 hours before the journey.
The airline staff will be on hand to assist the passenger.

Information for a Child Travelling from/to the Philippines

A 15 years old child or younger, not accompanied by a guardian, will not be allowed to board the airplane.
At the moment, Pan Pacific Airlines does not provide guardian/companion service for a child traveling alone.

Children under 15 years of age are not allowed to enter or leave the Philippines alone but must be accompanied by an adult guardian over 18 years of age.